On Conservation

In Uncategorized on March 23, 2010 at 8:16 pm

It is lamentable, truly lamentable that the state of social forces result in a general disease of public apathy, public and political inertia and ignorance.

I am constantly, repeatedly reminded how different I am when it comes to priorities. I remember chancing upon a book on endangered species in North America in a dusty library in Toa Payoh. I was enthralled by the beautiful sketches of exotic species, each species drawn ideally in its natural habitat, in all its majesty and dignity at risk of anthropomorphizing these animals. Most importantly, numbers were strewn about the page. Worrying ones.

I borrowed the book, and started making notes, and I remember at that age, and that feeling still grips my heart today, just how harrowing the statistics were. Some species just tenuously hang onto existence by the persistence of just tens of individuals. Much less than, as I know now, the genetic health of any population.

It has been close to 12 years since that cloth-bound book. Some species have rebounded from vigorous conservation activism and political support, while others, most others I suspect, have been lost forever, only to be remembered through photographs or drawings, not unlike those through which I was acquainted.

I suppose I have always had an affinity towards animals, even if I am not consciously aware of it, or if I deliberately go to lengths to their conservation, which I lament. But as an environmentalist/conservationist that has lost hope and motivation, there still lingers a flame that is constantly doused if it grows too big.

I have always wondered, how those that study biology, investigating and learning about life in all its intricacies and beauty can NOT be interested in the preservation of the biodiversity that we see today. It is such a shame, that even a simple discussion on conservation priorities in lectures can be taken with such little concern, attention or interest, seeing as such that this really is a real and difficult problem. Perhaps its the context of education? Perhaps its general apathy? Perhaps its simply boring and lack of awareness? The re-realization that the diversity of human thought and the uniqueness of individual experience is precisely the problem afflicting some or most desired directed action towards global problems is depressing.

Conservation as it seems, is simply something that somebody else is doing something about.

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  1. perhaps it is that finding solutions to conserve, or even conserving per se, is not yet habitualized, and that a coordinated effort to make this a more integral part of our lives is hardly apparent.
    the world needs to want to unite towards this cause, or be driven towards such discipline at the very least if we desire a more optimistic future.

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