Changing Focus

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After ample deliberation, I have decided to change the focus of this blog.

This blog was originally created as a proxy for interesting environment-related, science-related, technology-related posts that I find from a wide range of sources. Now, in lieu of my ever changing priorities, I have decided that such frequent posting is taking an ever wider swath of my time, effort and concentration. It is also taking away time that I would normally spend on my reading and my work.

Nobody ever has time to do everything he or she would like. Removing the need for proxy posting would simply free up more time for my academic interests to occupy.

As such, I would like to change the focus of this blog towards a more opinion-based, rant-like, perhaps occasionally essay-format posts that I find is more stimulating than simply news from an array of sources. I might find it prudent to include lists of links should I have the time, but the one that’s certain is that the frequency of posts will definitely drop, perhaps to once a fortnight, or once a month for serious posts, and maybe once a week for personal journals.

I hope you continue to have me on your RSS feeds or in your bookmarks, your readership is greatly appreciated.

On Conservation

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It is lamentable, truly lamentable that the state of social forces result in a general disease of public apathy, public and political inertia and ignorance.

I am constantly, repeatedly reminded how different I am when it comes to priorities. I remember chancing upon a book on endangered species in North America in a dusty library in Toa Payoh. I was enthralled by the beautiful sketches of exotic species, each species drawn ideally in its natural habitat, in all its majesty and dignity at risk of anthropomorphizing these animals. Most importantly, numbers were strewn about the page. Worrying ones.

I borrowed the book, and started making notes, and I remember at that age, and that feeling still grips my heart today, just how harrowing the statistics were. Some species just tenuously hang onto existence by the persistence of just tens of individuals. Much less than, as I know now, the genetic health of any population.

It has been close to 12 years since that cloth-bound book. Some species have rebounded from vigorous conservation activism and political support, while others, most others I suspect, have been lost forever, only to be remembered through photographs or drawings, not unlike those through which I was acquainted.

I suppose I have always had an affinity towards animals, even if I am not consciously aware of it, or if I deliberately go to lengths to their conservation, which I lament. But as an environmentalist/conservationist that has lost hope and motivation, there still lingers a flame that is constantly doused if it grows too big.

I have always wondered, how those that study biology, investigating and learning about life in all its intricacies and beauty can NOT be interested in the preservation of the biodiversity that we see today. It is such a shame, that even a simple discussion on conservation priorities in lectures can be taken with such little concern, attention or interest, seeing as such that this really is a real and difficult problem. Perhaps its the context of education? Perhaps its general apathy? Perhaps its simply boring and lack of awareness? The re-realization that the diversity of human thought and the uniqueness of individual experience is precisely the problem afflicting some or most desired directed action towards global problems is depressing.

Conservation as it seems, is simply something that somebody else is doing something about.


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“Pirates are evil?

The Marines are righteous?

These terms have always changed throughout the course of history!

Children who have never seen peace, and children who have never seen war, have different values!

Those who stand at the top determine what’s wrong and what’s right! This very place is neutral ground!

Justice will prevail you say? But of course it will!

Whoever wins this war becomes justice

- Don Flamingo, Shichibukai


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